Medical Provision for Events Guide

It has not been possible to define a single table that identifies the correct medical, first aid and ambulance provision for a range of events. Instead, the principles of resource assessment based on risk should be followed, as indicated throughout this chapter. The tables below offer some outline guidance.


Event Risk Assessment                                          


Every event is unique and the level of medical provision needed to make it safe can only be determined after a comprehensive risk assessment. There are no off the peg solutions.


The following guidance is drawn from experience of a range of different events and aims to give a broad overview of the sort of cover that might be appropriate. It should be read as guidance only and is not intended to be prescriptive in any way Indicative staffing levels refer to staff on duty at peak periods and these levels may be scaled down at less busy times


Risk assessment should include:

  • Numbers attending
  • Audience profile
  • Activities on site
  • Location and access
  • Distance from definitive care
  • Duration of the event
  • Time of year
  • Overnight camping
  • Specific hazard
  • Past experience of the event
  • Local knowledge

Very Small Event


Up to 3000 attenders


Paramedic or Nurse-led cover

Minimum: 2 first aiders


2 first aiders or first responders/1000 attenders


Paramedics, ECPs or ENPs to increase casualty assessment and stabilisation capability where circumstances dictate

Site ambulance and crew if event held across a large area

Small Event


3000 – 10,000 attenders


Paramedic or Nurse-led cover

1-2 paramedics or ECPs


1-2 nurses or ENPs


6 first aiders or first responders for first 3000 attenders + 1/1000 above 3000



Rapid Response Vehicle

Ambulance(s) and crew for on-site service and transfers to hospital

Medium Event


10,000 – 50,000 attenders

Doctor-led cover

1-2 doctors

2-4 nurses or ENPs

2-4 paramedics or ECPs

10 first aiders or first responders for first 10,000 attenders + 1/5,000 above 10,000

Ambulance(s) and crew for on-site service and transfers to hospital (minimum 1 ambulance)

1 Rapid Response Vehicle


Specialist doctors, pit crews, substance abuse team etc where indicated

Large event


Over 50,000 attenders

Doctor-led cover with specialised support

1 doctor/20,000 attenders

1 nurse or ENP/10,000 attenders

1 paramedic or ECP/20,000 attenders

2 first responders/25,000 attenders

20 first aiders for first 50,000 attenders + 2/10,000 above 50,000

Ambulance(s) and crew for

on-site service and transfers to hospital (minimum 2 ambulances)

1-2 Rapid Response Vehicles

Consider providing on site:

  • Emergency department
  • GP facilities
  • Pit crews
  • Mental Health Team
  • Pharmacy
  • X-ray
  • Physiotherapy, podiatry,
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