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Book your cast/crew for your swab test with one of our professionally qualified




Angels Costumes   1 Garrick Road   Hendon   London   NW9 6AA

Every Monday from 9:00am to 12:00pm


Benefits to you:


Reduced Medic Fee/Courier fee. If other productions are using our serviecs on the same day we will share our costs between your company and theirs.















Lateral Flow Test

15 Min results

Detects if you are infected with the COVID-19 virus




PCR Swab Test

24 hr results

Detects if you are infected with COVID-19 earlier than a lateral flow test would


(order 100+ and you can purchase your tests for £100 each)

Antibody Test

10 Min results

Detects antibodies which show you have been infected with the virus within the last 3 months





The cost of the medic to professionally carry out your swab testing for your cast/crew


Roaming Medic


As above for a 10-hr day, just add mileage at 45p and parking/CC costs etc & we will travel to your cast/crew (+£50 on weekends)





The cost of the courier to ensure your tests reach the laboratory at the earliest opportunity


Alternatively, to keep costs down, you can opt to have your tests sent to the laboratory by post




PHE England

London Skipton House

80 London Road

London SE1 6LH


Tel: 020 7811 7200

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