PCR CORONA-19 VIRUS TESTING                    

PCR Test

A PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test, is a swab test to detect the virus that causes Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). A positive test result means you actively have the virus.


The PCR test is performed by a qualified Health Care Professional and takes about five minutes to perform



Benefits of a PCR Test

PCR Viral Testing of employees/cast/crew without symptoms may be useful:

  • to detect COVID-19 early
  • stop transmission quickly, particularly in areas with moderate to substantial community transmission.
  • identify pre-symtomatic spreaders
  • identify Asymtomatic spreaders - those who never develop symptoms therefore never know they are infected (which could be up to 40% of COVID-19 sufferers)


Approaches may include:

  • workplaces where physical distance is difficult & workers are in close contact (within 6 feet for 15 mins or more) with co-workers or the public.
  • Workplaces in remote settings where medical evaluation or treatment may be delayed
  • workplaces  where continuity of operations is a high priority
  • Workplaces providing congregate housing for employees


Medic Fee for PCR COVID-19 Testing only

£250 - am or pm

£300 - full day


Unit Medic Fee for a block of Film/TV.

£250 daily. This includes swab testing, not including test kits.


PCR COVID-19 Test, per person

£70 if purchasing x200


How long does it take to do the test.

The first time we say book people 10 minutes apart so we can explain the procedure & complete paperwork, thereafter we suggest book appointments 5 minutes apart.


Who gets the test results?

An email will be sent to whoever you nominate in your company & the medic.


What action is taken for someone with a positive result?

Following the latest government guidelines Production/HR &/or the Medic would arrange to:

1. re-test the person

2. advise them to inform their own GP & self-isolate for 14 days.


How do the tests go to the lab?

You have an option of special deliver post which is free, or you can arrange a courier.


Is the Laboratory approved?

  • The laboratory is approved by (UKAS) United Kingdom Accreditation Service
  • NHS England & Improvement &
  • The Department of Health & Social Care.


If there is a positive result, who notifies track & trace?

Your Coved Supervisor or Medic has a legal obligation to report the presence of COVID-19 to the (PHE) Public Health England.  The laboratory will notify the PHE within 7 days.


What about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

If the law requires the use of personal data, the reporting of first name, last name & address can be given.


Does the test have to be completed by a Medic?

Yes, this is a stipulation from the laboratory. You can request one of our medics or provide your own if trained.


Where do the test go to?

Our laboratory is in Cambridge.


What is the turnaround time?

Turnaround time guaranteed 48 hours from when the lab receives the tests.  However, this is often shorter depending on how busy they are.


What is the laboratory opening and closing times?

9:00am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday.


Can we order an express test?

Subject to availability of our medics this is possible, however it carries a higher fee from the laboratory. The laboratory test kits in batches, so the odd one or two can only go in on their own, so hold up their production time.


How is production and the individuals notified of the test results?

We encourage Production and staff to log into our app.  Results are then emailed to production & the medic automatically. You have control when to publish the results which enables individuals who have signed up to the app, receive their result on their mobile phone. You will automatically have a record through the app.

Alternatively, the lab will email production & or the medic.


Do we need a room for testing?

The area should be as sparce as possible as the medic will have to clean  between each person tested. Tables and chairs are fine to be left.


Can we have tested someone in their car?


ReCoVa App


Use our integrated Wellness Monitoring App & testing programme to:

  • provide the highest level of duty of care to your employees
  • continuous up to date health status of all registered employees through the employer dashboard
  • Pro-active monitoring of all staff to quickly identify any pre or asymptomatic carriers of infection
  • any employees catching the disease can be identify early and immediately receive the best treatment
  • minimise lost productivity by effectively managing the amount of time your employees are isolated for - negative test results mean return to work (according to Test & Trace guidelines)
  • continued vigilance also ensures your workplace environment is free of the virus.

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Documents for download

What does my swab test involve?
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My health declaration
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